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Simply put there's nothing new! Just use the same configuration as you did before.

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Once configured, the units operate as you know and expect. Same menus, same parameters, no changes. No new learning needed.

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Check out the Product selector above and look for your product. With so many variations you might want to discuss your needs directly. Call us!

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Mechanically the units fit in the envelop of the XYR5000 units, ours are slightly smaller. The process connection is usually identical (NPT fittings etc.).

...And we welcome customization requests!

AWS support engineer Michael Tutunjian demonstrates Base Radio connectivity

How does AWS ensure this all just works?

XYR5000 History AWS designed the radio system used in the Honeywell XYR5000 range of wireless instruments. Honeywell extended the sensor types from the base that AWS supplied to them, so AWS has lots of experience with their transmitters, we even built them for a while for Honeywell.

Can I be sure it will operate on my base radio?

It will...because of the design The AWS-XYR range is designed to work with the Honeywell XYR5000 from first principles (they are in fact the same design) - but we don't stop there we test as well, so all our AWS-XYR products interconnect to Honeywell Radios without any issues - check the video.

What is the Price? What is the Lead Time?

Pricing and lead are dependent on the type of instrument. AWS pricing AND our delivery from order are both very competitive.

How do I order XYR5000 fully interchangeable products?

Simply call AWS on 978-875-6000 and talk with Sales. We are here to make the process as simple as possible.

What is the Warranty?

Standard AWS warranty is for 12 months. After that we can supply RMA and repair estimates.

How do I get Technical Support?

Simple call us. Really its the best way and we will handle your needs right away.

Where do you ship to?

AWS products are shipped world wide. Our certifications cover all major jurisdictions.

Are replacement and repaired units fully interchangeable with my XYR5000 unit?

Yes is the short answer. In fact engineers at AWS (AIC before that) designed the XYR5000 radio system. We know it because we conceived of it. AWS has built thousands of instruments based on those designs with exemplary quality and safety. The AWS XYR5000 range is tested to be fully interchangeable to Honeywell XYR5000.
Note: Standard AWS products NOT marked XYR5000 interchangeable are designed on a different hopping sequence and do not connect to the XYR5000 gateways. They can, however, with a simple firmware change, be modified to do so.

Do your instruments look like Honeywell’s?

Not exactly, but similar – AWS instruments use a different cover from the one Honeywell used on the XYR5000, and they are slightly (very slightly) different in how they attach to the base unit. Ours have a redesigned seal that prevents some issues with water ingress on the older designs.

Do they carry the same certifications for hazardous areas?

AWS manufactured equipment is certified for US, Canada, and ATEX hazardous area environments by FM.

What frequencies does AWS use?

AWS supplies both 915MHz and 868MHz ISM band radios.

Is the FHSS the same? (FHSS = Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)

We use the same FHSS technology as Honeywell XYR5000. We have both an AWS variant of the hopping sequence and one that’s identical to Honeywell XYR5000 sequence. Honeywell has allowed AWS to supply units with the Honeywell sequence in support of XYR5000 customers.

Do the AWS and XYR5000 units use the same battery?

They use equivalent batteries. AWS has a unique fusing and connection system for protection that differs slightly from Honeywell’s. We can supply either type. Both are C sized lithium cells.

Do I have to learn new menus and programming?

No. Configuration and setting of the units is unchanged.

Will AWS continue to sell XYR5000 range transmitters?

AWS is committed to this radio technology
AWS uses the same radio in its own range of instruments (a series customized products available from 2009 onwards) and AWS plans to support the range indefintely. When you need XYR5000 instruments or support we are here to help.
AWS has no plans to stop producing these instruments.

I'm a representative of Honeywell and I'd like to sell more XYR5000 interchangeable Instruments!
Great! Honeywell have announced they're exiting the XYR500 business and that means you should consider their OneWireless solution. But if you just need some XYR5000 nodes now, or would prefer to keep this trusted range of products available to your customers then AWS can help you right now!

AWS XYR5000 products are interchangeable to Honeywell XYR5000 !

"We want Honeywell customers to get the support they need - ask AWS and we'll help!" (AWS CEO Bruce Thompson).

Hector Barresi Sales

Wayne Bouvier Manufacturing

Philip Hunt President

Bruce Thompson CEO

Mark Bertolina Engineering

Tim Quaglieri Finance

Background of AWS
Adaptive Wireless Solutions (AWS) is a Hudson, Massachusetts, based private company that designs, manufactures and supports a range of wireless and wired instruments for industrial use. Our precision instruments are hazardous area certified . They are battery powered, utilizing proprietary technology for maximum range and battery life. Our line powered base radio allows direct serial communication with DCS, PLCs and asset management systems.

AWS was formed in 2009 as a spin-off from Adaptive Instruments Corporation (AIC). It was AIC that supplied the same instruments that AWS does today, to the industry as whole under the Accutech brand.

Honeywell used AIC/AWS technology unchanged as the basis for its XYR5000 product family. In fact AWS supported the establishment of XRY5000 manufacturing for Honeywell. See the press releases archive below for details.

As you can see AWS has been involved in XYR5000 technology from conception to today, if anyone knows how to support the product range its AWS.

We want customers of Honeywell XYR5000 to understand our background and be comfortable knowing we understand the product range in every respect. When you need support or to purchase more XYR5000 interchangeable instruments look no further than AWS at

Thank you

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